This weeks draw for Senior T20, Thursday 15th November, games start at 5.30pm.

Buller High School vs Denniston Dog Old Boys at High School (Umpire W Dodds)

Criterion Ngakawau vs Cosmopolitan Athletic at Craddock Park No1 (Umpire B Townrow)

Playing rules –

  • Two points for a win.  One point for a tie or no-result. One bonus point if the win is by more than five wickets or 30 runs.
  • Maximum of four overs per bowler.
  • No-balls generate a free hit.
  • No more than two fielders outside the ring in the first four overs.
  • Two catchers are compulsory for the first four overs.
  • At least five fielders must remain inside the ring after the fourth over.
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